ISECG publishes update to the Global Exploration Roadmap


February 2
15:35 2018

The Global Exploration Roadmap begins with the International Space Station, proceeds to the Moon, and leads to human missions to explore Mars.

Sue Horne, Head of Space Exploration at the UK Space Agency, said:

This update to the Global Exploration Roadmap presents an exciting vision for future exploration activities. The UK currently makes a strong contribution to the field, including building the ExoMars rover in Stevenage and upcoming experiments on the ISS from an number of academic institutions. We look forward to joining in the international efforts to further exploration in the coming years.

This latest version of the Roadmap follows version 1 in 2011 and version 2 in 2013. The space agencies that make up ISECG hope to encourage people around the world to contribute innovative solutions to exploration challenges.

The Roadmap includes aims to facilitate stakeholder engagement within countries across the he space agencies to realise a vision for space exploration, with Mars as the horizon goal.

The International Space Exploration Coordination Group (ISECG) is a voluntary, non-binding forum where participating space agencies share information about their space exploration activities, plans, objectives and interests with the goal of strengthening individual agency exploration programmes and the collective effort.

You can view and download the document on the

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