Eboracum UK Ltd first private security firm to gain SCC’s independent certification


January 18
17:40 2018

Security firm Eboracum was established in 2011 and now provides a range of services in York. These include security guarding, facilities management and community projects. The company also provide a street ranger service to the York business improvement district.

Body-worn cameras have become important items of equipment and are now deployed with operatives across the company. Supported by local police and the city council enforcement officers, body-worn cameras have enabled the provision of evidence leading to successful prosecutions. Aside from prosecutions, body-worn cameras have also been used to deter assaults on staff and prevent crime. They also inhibit aggressive behaviour.

Recognising the importance of maintaining public trust and confidence when conducting surveillance activity, Eboracum were committed to being transparent in demonstrating high standards and ethical use of their body-worn cameras and therefore decided to undertake voluntary certification assessment against the surveillance camera code of practice, which is regulated by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner, Tony Porter.

The code of practice is intended to ensure that individuals and wider communities have confidence that public body surveillance cameras are deployed to protect and support them, rather than spy on them. The government is keen to encourage organisations to voluntarily adopt the code, which is a mandatory requirement for police forces in England and Wales.

Eboracums procedures, privacy impact assessment and processes were audited by the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection board (SSAIB).

Eboracum UK has taken steps to ensure that their body-worn CCTV systems operate within a legal framework and meet the standards of the Surveillance Camera Commissioners code of practice. This includes data security, appropriate usage, control of records and promoting a culture of honesty.

Carl Nickson, Director of Eboracum UK said:

Although accreditation is voluntary, I feel that it is important to demonstrate a transparent and compliant approach to the use of CCTV. We are leading from the front as the first security company to achieve this accolade and I hope that others will follow. Achieving this accreditation outlines that even small to medium businesses can put privacy, compliance and transparency at the top of the agenda.

Tony Porter, Surveillance Camera Commissioner, added:

A key component of my national surveillance camera strategy is to encourage organisations that are not bound by statute to comply with the Secretary of States code of practice, to voluntarily adopt its provisions. In doing so, Eboracum have demonstrated a real commitment to ensure that the public can have confidence in their use of body-worn surveillance cameras. I congratulate them on their achievement and encourage other organ

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