Michael Walker appointed to FSA Scientific Advisory Committee

Government Chemist

June 17
13:07 2019

The Food Standards Agency, FSA, has recently appointed 35 members to its Scientific Advisory Committees.

The Scientific Advisory Committees advise on the development of policy issues that have major implications for public health and ensure that policy decisions are based on the most up-to-date science and evidence.

Michael Walker, has been appointed as an independent expert to the Committee on Toxicity. Michael is currently Head of the Office of the Government Chemist and responsible for ensuring the scientific resolution of technical appeals in the UK official food and feed control system and the activities of the Food and Consumer Products Testing Unit.

Dr Walker has held independent public appointments including serving as a board member of the Food Standards Agency (2000 to 2004), member of the Northern Ireland FSA Advisory Committee (2006 to 2012) and a subject matter expert to the Elliott Review, (Department of Health/Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 2013 to 2014).

Michael said:

I feel honoured to be a member of the Committee on Toxicity, in the Food Contact Materials Joint Expert Committee, especially with such a collaborative, knowledgeable and friendly group of colleagues

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