E-seminar: Real-time PCR for food authenticity including horse DNA

Government Chemist

November 12
16:32 2019

This e-seminar was produced by the Government Chemist team with funding from Defra, as a direct result of a series of successful Defra Knowledge Transfer events held at LGC in previous years. The purpose of these e-seminars is to provide access to the information first presented at Defra/LGC Knowledge Transfer events for stakeholders who could not attend the original event, and to provide the opportunity to those that did attend to refresh their knowledge and expertise in the area.

The e-seminar describes the scope, purpose and application of the Defra/LGC Standard Operating Procedure for a real-time PCR approach for the quantitation of horse DNA, as well as providing guidance and advice on the application of real-time PCR in food authenticity testing in general, with a focus on availability of methods and reference materials.

The lead scientist responsible for the e-seminar, Malcolm Burns, from the Government Chemist team, states that The e-seminar should be of interest to anyone involved in the application of molecular biology approaches for quality, authenticity and adulteration testing of food and feed materials. In particular, the e-seminar will be of relevance to those involved in the using real-time PCR for the trace detection of food ingredients.

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