UK welcomes resumption of coordinated military operations in DRC

Foreign and Commonwealth Office

February 5
13:19 2016

Danae Dholakia, the UKs Special Envoy for the African Great Lakes said after the announcement:

The UK welcomes the recent announcement by the Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and MONUSCO that coordinated military operations against armed groups will restart. I salute both the Government of the DRC and MONUSCO for reaching this agreement.

I look forward to the coordinated operations starting as soon as possible, particularly against the foreign armed groups FDLR and ADF, and reconfirm the UKs support for these operations.

I recognise the efforts and sacrifices that the FARDC has made in the fight against armed groups in DRC. I hope that joint operations will ensure that armed groups are eliminated in the DRC once and for all, in accordance with MONUSCOs mandate, allowing peace and prosperity to flourish.

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