Guidance: Avian influenza (bird flu): cases and disease control zones in England

Animal Plant Health Agency

July 11
17:51 2022

When avian influenza is confirmed or suspected in poultry or other captive birds, disease control zones are put in place around the infected premises to prevent the spread of the disease. Within these zones a range of restrictions on the movement of poultry and material associated with their keeping can apply.

Check if you are in a zone on our interactive map.

Definitive requirements are set out in the published declarations for each disease control zone currently in force. For further information see our cases and disease control zones section.

For details of cases in:

General or specific licences allow the movement of birds, products of animal origin or mammals from zones. This page lists the licences when available.

See the avian influenza guidance for information on how to spot avian influenza (bird flu), what to do if you suspect it, and measures to prevent it.

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Avian Influenza Prevention Zone

While the risk of avian influenza from wild birds has reduced, infection may still be present in the environment.

An Avian Influenza Prevention Zone (AIPZ) remains in force across Great Britain.

Take action now to keep your birds protected see the avian influenza guidance for more information. Failure to comply with the AIPZ is an offence and risks the health and welfare of your birds.

Cases and disease control zones

The government has confirmed 103 cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 in England.

There were also 2 cases of avian influenza in Wales where a small area of the disease control zones around the premises extended into England. One of these zones is still in place and one has been revoked.

In addition there were 2 cases of avian influenza in Scotland where a small area of the surveillance zone surrounding each case extended into England, both of these zones have been revoked.

Disease control zones in force:

Temporary control zones in force:

No temporary control zones in force.

Disease control zones no longer in force:

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