Press release: Greater flood protection for Newark residents as project ends

Environment Agency

September 23
14:02 2019

140 properties and the surrounding roads and infrastructure have benefited from an Environment Agency project in Newark.

A brand new section of flood bank, around 50 metres long, has been constructed as part of over 450 metres of flood defence improvements by the Agency in the area.

Whilst the new section was built from scratch, the surrounding sections were stripped of top soil, compacted and then raised 600mm above the original height. All sections were grass seeded with them projected to look part of the natural environment once the grass has grown.

Flood risk from nearby watercourses has reduced from a 5% (1 in 20) risk of flooding every year down to 1% (1 in 100) as a result of these works.

Partnership working between the Environment Agency, Urban and Civic and the local planning authority was crucial in delivering this project and even led to around 4,000 tonnes of embankment material being supplied for free with an estimated cost saving of 80,000.

An additional benefit of the locally sourced free material meant that the production of 114 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emissions were avoided, as material was originally going to be brought in from Rotherham.

Ashley Reeves, Project Manager at the Environment Agency said:

We are very pleased with the outcome of this project and our relationship with the local community. They will see the benefits of a reduced flood risk that has been built into the natural environment.

The project will also see the planting of 40 trees to mitigate the removal of 8 se

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