Guidance: Using unbound incinerator bottom ash aggregate (IBAA) in construction activities: RPS 206

Environment Agency

February 7
10:49 2020


If you comply with the conditions in this regulatory position statement (RPS), you will not normally need to apply for an environmental permit to use unbound IBAA.

Published 19 September 2017
Last updated 7 February 2020 +show all updates
  1. We have extended the expiry date to 31 July 2020, added information about what you must do to safeguard hydrogen and restricted the use of IBAA under residential properties. You must also keep records for 2 years that show you have complied with this RPS.

  2. We've extended this RPS until 31 January 2020 to allow research work with industry to conclude. We've also clarified the reference to BS EN 13242:2013 and added that 95% of the IBAA surface must be entirely covered by a low permeability surface or building.

  3. The Environment Agency has updated this regulatory position statement to clarify the scale and scope of the uses of incinerator bottom ash aggregate.

  4. This regulatory position statement has been extended for one year until 19 August 2019.

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