Guidance: Submitting an application for review by the ACBS

Department Of Health

November 12
10:53 2020


This guidance includes:

  • where to send your application
  • differences between type 1, type 2 and type 3 applications
  • dates of ACBS meetings and submission closing dates

A new request to the ACBS should be submitted using the application forms.

Published 1 January 2012
Last updated 12 November 2020 +show all updates
  1. Updated ACBS meetings and submission closing dates for 2021.

  2. Updated list of ACBS meetings and submission closing dates for 2020.

  3. Updated with information on ACBS meetings, all supporting documents moved to main 'Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances' collection.

  4. Removed attachment 'ACBS product price increases 2018'.

  5. Replaced PDF of the document 'Information notes on the pricing of ACBS products' with a HTML version. The email address in this document has been updated.

  6. The attachments 'The Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances: how to submit an application' and 'Appendix 6: products which will not be considered by the ACBS' have been updated to reflect amended legislation to restrict the NHS prescribing of gluten-free foods to bread and mixes only.

  7. Updated with 2 replacement documents: 2018 product price increases and Information notes and application on nutritional products.

  8. The 'ACBS product price increase request form' has been updated. Column H now rounds the percentage to one decimal place, 70 new product lines have been added and the May 2018 retail price index excluding mortgages (RPIX) figure has been added.

  9. Added ACBS product price increase request form.

  10. Changed the address in the attachment 'The Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances: how to submit an application'.

  11. NHRA ACBS request form added. Updates to information notes and applications for nutritional products and dermatological products.

  12. Updated to reflect changes to application type procedures.

  13. The information note and application form for nutritional products has been updated to make it easier for completion by applicants. This form should be used for all new ACBS applications with effect from 1 May 2017, but product submissions already completed in the older version will be accepted until 1 October 2017.

  14. Updated the address that application forms should be sent to.

  15. First published.

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