Research and analysis: Assessing the safety of petroleum tankers (July 2017)

Department For Transport

May 22
15:33 2020


This research, subsequent to the research published in December 2014, November 2015 and July 2016, looks at the feasibility of using the eddy current testing method to detect lack of fusion in aluminium welds, and the factors that influence the quality of welded repairs were also considered.

Background to this research

Vehicles used to transport large quantities of dangerous goods, including petroleum products, must meet the requirements of the ADR. Following examination, certain petroleum road fuel tankers have been found to not be fully compliant with the provisions of chapter 6.8 of ADR. Initial examinations and an initial technical assessment of the tanks circumferential welds showed that these welds might rupture under rollover and ADR load conditions.

Published 22 May 2020

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