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June 7
14:14 2024

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The majority of our published research is in open access, peer-reviewed publications.



Title Publication
The use of bispyridinium non-oxime analogues for the restoration of nerve agent impaired neuromuscular transmission in rat hemidiaphragms - Structure optimization Toxicology letters
Orientation-patterned gallium phosphide OPO developments for long-wave infrared lidar applications Proceedings of SPIE.
Influence of carbon fibre orientation and heat flux on the thermomechanical response of CFRP using small-scale apparatus Fire Safety Journal
Inactivation Mechanisms of Escherichia coli in Simulants of Respiratory and Environmental Aerosol Droplets Atmosphere
Identification of active main metabolites of anti-infective inhibitors of the macrophage infectivity potentiator protein by liquid chromatography using mass detection Archiv Der Pharmazie
A glucan-particle based tularemia subunit vaccine induces T-cell immunity and affords partial protection in an inhalation rat infection model PloS one
Far-field positive phase blast parameter characterisation of RDX and PETN based explosives International Journal of Protective Structures
BSM-6G: Blockchain-Based Dynamic Spectrum Management for 6G Networks: Addressing Interoperability and Scalability Ieee Access
Breaking barriers in trauma research: A narrative review of opportunities to leverage veterinary trauma for accelerated translation to clinical solutions for pets and people Journal of clinical and translational science
The risk associated with organophosphorus nerve agents: from their discovery to their unavoidable threat, current medical countermeasures and perspectives Chemico-biological interactions
Explainability in Deep Reinforcement Learning: A Review into Current Methods and Applications Acm Computing Surveys
ENFSI 2022 multidisciplinary collaborative exercise: organisation and outcomes Forensic science international. Synergy
The effect of 8-day oral taurine supplementation on thermoregulation during low-intensity exercise at fixed heat production in hot conditions of incremental humidity European journal of applied physiology


Title Publication
Quantifying The Physical Demands And Cognitive Impacts Of A Military Tactical Scenario-based Field Exercise Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise
Quantifying Sleep And Physical Activity In Royal Navy Clearance Divers Using A Tri-axial Accelerometer Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise
Scattering of acoustic waves from rough seabeds: a comparison of two- and three-dimensional models Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics
OBEC3 deaminase editing in mpox virus as evidence for sustained human transmission since at least 2016 Science
Stone Soup: No Longer Just an Appetiser 2023 26th International Conference on Information Fusion (FUSION)
Long-Term Ultraviolet Treatment for Macrofouling Control in Northern and Southern Hemispheres Journal of Marine Science and Engineering
Learning Technique to Solve Periodic Markov Decision Process for Network Resource Allocation MILCOM 2023 - 2023 IEEE Military Communications Conference (MILCOM)
Published 21 March 2024
Last updated 7 June 2024 +show all updates
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