eSourcing suite downtime

Crown Commercial Service

November 12
14:30 2015

In order to assure the continued availability of our eSourcing suite, the service provider, IBM, needs to move the system to a new hosting location.

This move is scheduled to begin on Wednesday 2 December at 23:00 (GMT) and it is anticipated that it will be complete by the evening of Friday 4 December.

During this time there will be no access to the eSourcing suite for suppliers and buyers.

Following the move, you may initially find that your browser cannot locate the login page to the eSourcing suite. By Monday 7 December, however, the system will be fully in its new location and will appear exactly as before the move.

The URL and all your user login names and passwords will be unchanged.

Data from all historic events and events that were open when the system was moved will also remain accessible.

What do I need to do?

Buyers do not need to close live events that are due to close after the system is moved on Thursday 3 December.

However, buyers with events closing in the period before the system is moved may wish to export their tender responses so they can evaluate offline during the relocation downtime.

Buyers with active procurements due to close after the system is moved are recommended to:

  • Consider whether an extension to their tender window is required.
  • Communicate with their suppliers if they decide to extend the tender window.
  • Recommend suppliers download procurement documentation to enable them to work offline during the downtime.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this necessary downtime may cause you. If you need further advice please email

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