Sabre / Farelogix merger inquiry

Competition Markets Authority

February 7
10:23 2020

Phase 2

Administrative timetable

Date of referral: 2.9.19

Statutory deadline: 12.4.20


Provisional Findings

7 February 2020: The CMA has provisionally found competition concerns as part of its in-depth investigation of the anticipated acquisition by Sabre of Farelogix.

Hearing summaries

Notice of extension of statutory period

Responses to the Issues statement

Revocation of initial enforcement order

13 November 2019: In view of the statutory restrictions under section 78 of the Enterprise Act 2002, the CMA has revoked the initial enforcement order.

Issues statement

17 October 2019: The issues statement sets out the scope of the investigation. It outlines initial theories on what might be adversely affecting competition, but it does not set out findings or conclusions.

Initial submissions

Inquiry group appointed

2 September 2019: The CMA has appointed the inquiry group.

Martin Coleman (Group Chair), Colleen Keck, Robin Foster and Richard Feasey

Disclosure of interests

Terms of reference

2 September 2019: The CMA has referred the anticipated acquisition by Sabre Holdings Corporation of Farelogix Inc. for an in-depth investigation.

Phase 1

Statutory timetable

Date Action
16 August 2019 Decision announced
12 August 2019 Initial enforcement order
21 June 2019 to 5 July 2019 Invitation to comment
21 June 2019 Launch of merger inquiry

Penalty notice

11 October 2019: The CMA has published a notice (dated 27 September 2019) of a penalty notice imposed on Sabre Corporation under section 110 of the Enterprise Act 2002. The CMA imposed the penalty for a failure to comply, without reasonable excuse, with the requirements imposed on Sabre Corporation by a notice issued by the CMA under section 109 of the Enterprise Act 2002.

Reference decision

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