Review of the legal services market study in England and Wales

Competition Markets Authority

September 9
09:10 2020


Launch of Review

9 September 2020: The CMA announced it is undertaking a review of the progress in the legal services sector in England and Wales since its 2016 market study into that sector. The CMA has launched with a call for inputs and would welcome responses from interested parties to the specific questions identified by Wednesday 30 September 2020.

The CMAs 2016 market study concluded that competition for individual consumers and small businesses was not working well. The CMA made recommendations to industry regulators to improve transparency by legal firms on price, quality and service, and to enable customers to navigate the market more easily and get value for money. It also made recommendations on regulatory reform, including to the Ministry of Justice, to consider whether consumers of unregulated services need stronger protections, particularly in terms of access to redress, and to review the regulatory framework for the longer term.

The CMA indicated in its market study report that it would assess progress in the sector after several years and is now doing so. Its short, focused 3-month review will assess the extent to which the market study recommendations have been taken forward and the impact that these changes have had on competition. The review will look at existing evidence from regulatory monitoring and other available research, as well as submissions from interested parties. The CMA will publish its findings in December 2020.

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Published 9 September 2020