FNZ / GBST merger inquiry

Competition Markets Authority

November 18
12:01 2019

Statutory timetable

Phase 1 Date Action
TBC Deadline for phase 1 decision*
TBC Launch of merger inquiry
14 November 2019 Initial enforcement order

(*) This date is the current statutory deadline by when the decision will be announced. If any change occurs, the information is refreshed as soon as practicable. However, the CMA cannot guarantee that the decision will be announced on or before this current deadline, as the deadline of a given case may change during the merger assessment process due to different reasons.

Phase 1

Initial enforcement order

14 November 2019: the CMA served an initial enforcement order under section 72(2) of the Enterprise Act 2002 on FNZ (UK) Ltd, Kiwi Holdco CayCo Ltd and FNZ (Australia) Bidco Pty Ltd in relation to the completed acquisition of GBST Holdings Limited by FNZ (Australia) Bidco Pty Ltd.


Please send written representations about any competition or public interest to:

Marc Freedman
Competition and Markets Authority
The Cabot
25 Cabot Square
E14 4QZ

Published 18 November 2019