Guidance: Company Names Tribunal defended decisions and orders

Company Names Tribunal

May 24
12:43 2024

Use this guide to find details of all our defended decisions and orders

Published 22 October 2014
Last updated 24 May 2024 +show all updates
  1. Signed order 09531457 added to the 2024 decisions table.

  2. Decision O/0318/24 added to the 2024 decisions table.

  3. Signed order 12823753 added.

  4. Decisions O/0249/24 and O/0250/24 added.

  5. Decision O/0121/24 and O/0177/24 added to the 2024 decisions table and Signed order 05306500 added to the 2022 decisions table.

  6. Signed order 12001103 added to the 2022 decisions table.

  7. Decision O/0036/24 added.

  8. Decision O/1107/23 added.

  9. Decision O/0802/23 added.

  10. Decision O/0717/23 added.

  11. Decision O/0665/23 added.

  12. Decision O/0560/23 added.

  13. Decision O/0374/23 added.

  14. Decision O/0308/23

  15. Decision O/0300/23 added.

  16. Decision O/0229/23 added.

  17. Decision O/0160/23 added.

  18. New 2023 decisions and orders - defended and / or other issues and Decision O/0075/23 added.

  19. Decision O/1112/22 added.

  20. Decision O/1075/22 added.

  21. Decision O/985/22 added.

  22. Decision O/947/22 added.

  23. Decision O/913/22 added.

  24. Decision O/834/22 added.

  25. Signed order 13138098 added.

  26. Decision O/638/22 added.

  27. Signed order 12211186 added.

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