Detailed guide: Collecting pre-employment information from candidates (vX)

Civil Service Resourcing

February 21
16:15 2020

After assessment has been completed and an outcome has been confirmed, your candidate will be at the Selected for Offer status.

Check and edit the applicant type

Check that candidates have the correct applicant type assigned. List applications and add columns:

  • Application form > Applicant type
  • Application form > Home department

If the applicant type is wrong:

  1. Find the application, then go to the Application Forms tab.
  2. Select the Flags form.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. Select the correct applicant type in Applicant Type (Employment Status)
  5. Submit.

If the candidate has already progressed to checks and has the wrong applicant type, you must change their status so they can complete the correct forms.

  1. Go to the candidates Application Summary.
  2. Select Administration, then Other status.
  3. Select Provisional Offer - Accepted.
  4. Tick the Run Automatic Actions box.
  5. Select Change Status.

Issue a provisional offer

Candidates who accept an online provisional offer will be automatically asked to complete pre-employment checking forms.

  1. List candidates who require an offer - they generally will be at the Selected for Offer status.
  2. Select candidates.
  3. Move candidate to Provisional offer - online.

Once the offer is issued, candidates have three options:

  • Accept - candidate will go to the Provisional offer accepted status
  • Decline - candidate will go to the Reject - declined provisional offer status
  • Discuss the offer - candidate will go to the Provisional offer - discussion required status

To check the reason why a candidate requires a discussion, go to the Application forms tab and the Provisional offer form.

To review multiple applications, add the Provisional offer > reason for discussion column to a list of applications.

Accepted offers

When a candidate accepts an offer, they are sent an email advising:

  • the offer is provisional
  • they shouldnt resign until they receive a formal offer
  • they should withdraw if no longer interested
  • they must provide additional information via their application centre


Automatic reminders are sent to candidates until they provide their information:

  • before they accept the offer - every 3 days (up to 15 days)
  • once accepted, until all information is provided - every 2 days (up to 16 days)

Identifying candidates ready for checking

Candidates who have completed their forms move to the next status:

  • if Right To Work checks are selected on the vacancy - Right to Work Check available status.
  • if Right To Work checks are not selected - Pre-employment checks status.

These applications appear on the dashboard on the Pre-Employment Checks and Onboarding tab.

Guidance on the day-to-day management of checks.

Help and support

Contact the Product and Support Team if you have a technical problem:

Published 21 February 2020

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