CMA refers merger of credit score providers for in-depth investigation

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July 31
07:00 2018

Experian and ClearScore provide credit-score checking in the UK. These services allow people to understand their finances, and choose loans and credit cards online.

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) found that Experian and ClearScore are the two largest credit checking firms and each others main competitors. Its initial (phase 1) investigation identified concerns that the merged company would be less likely to innovate to help people better understand their finances, potentially leading to people paying more for credit cards and loans.

Therefore, earlier this month, the CMA said it would refer the deal for an in-depth (phase 2) investigation unless Experian offered acceptable ways to address the CMAs competition concerns.

Experian has chosen not to offer proposals to address the CMAs concerns and so the merger will now be referred for an in-depth investigation by an independent group of CMA panel members. The deadline for the final decision is 14 January 2019.

Further information about the investigation will be published on the

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