CAU Restaurants Limited: how to claim redundancy or register as a creditor

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July 20
17:15 2018

Information for former employees:

If youve been dismissed

If youve been dismissed, you might be entitled to redundancy pay, holiday pay and statutory notice pay from the Insolvency Service.

The amount the Insolvency Service can pay you will be subject to certain legal limits. Information about the legal limits is available on GOV.UK.

Other money youre owed will be paid to you automatically through the companys payroll. This includes salary, wages, or overtime youre owed.

Who is eligible

You can to apply to the Insolvency Service for redundancy pay, holiday pay and statutory notice pay if:

Workers and self-employed contractors who provided services to the company are not eligible to apply. Instead, these individuals should contact the administrator to register as creditors:

How to apply

The administrator will give details about how to apply and will also give you a case reference number (eg CN12345678).

Once you have this information you can apply online.

Paying your claim

Once you submit your online application, it takes us an average of 14 days to process your application and pay claims.

However, sometimes we need to get additional information from you or from the administrator. This can take a bit of time.

Well contact you directly if we need anything from you.

We always try to pay eligible claims within 6 weeks of receiving the application.

Please dont contact us to check the status of your application until after the 6 weeks have passed. This will help us deal with everyones application as quickly as possible.

Getting help

If you have questions about your situation you should contact the HR department by:

Alternatively, you can contact the administrators employment team at:

email: 0207 303 3399

If you need help completing your application, you can contact the Insolvency Services Redundancy Payments helpline on 0330 331 0020.

When calling, please have your case reference number (eg CN12345678) and National Insurance number to hand. If you do not have a case reference number, please contact the administrator.

If you need to email us after submitting your claim, please only use the email address you gave on your application form. Otherwise, we wont be able to respond to you for security reasons.

Other support available to you

Factsheet: finding a new job, managing your finances and benefits available to you.

Information for creditors

Youll need to register as a creditor in the administration if:

  • you havent been paid for goods or services youve supplied to CAU
  • youve paid CAU for goods or services that you havent received

Information about how to register as a creditor can be found at:

If you have any questions, you can also contact the Insolvency Enquiry Line:

The Insolvency Enquiry Line can give you general information about:

  • insolvency
  • redundancy
  • what redundancy payments offices do
  • where you can go to get the information or advice you need

They cannot give you:

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