Detailed guide: Send cattle reporting information online or by phone

British Cattle Movement Service

June 11
08:06 2019

To report the births, movements and deaths of cattle, bison or buffalo electronically, you can use:

  • Cattle Tracing System (CTS) Online
  • CTS Web Services using approved farm software
  • the CTS self-service telephone line

CTS Online

CTS Online is a British Cattle Movement Service (BCMS) website that is free to use and lets you:

  • report births, movements and deaths and get receipts for your transactions
  • access a list of all the cattle on your holding, see their details and look at the history of your herd
  • view your holdings transactions for the last 6 months
  • see if there are any problems with your transactions and send BCMS information to resolve them
  • order bar code labels and forms

CTS Online is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It allows you to get your cattle information to BCMS quickly, upload movements in batches and send information via a contact BCMS facility (eg if you make a mistake in reporting). It also validates some of the information you send, which leads to fewer mistakes.

You can download a slideshow (MS Powerpoint Presentation, 13.4MB) demonstration that lets you navigate around as you would on the live site (press the escape key to exit).

Before you first use the system, contact BCMS to get a CTS Online reference number. Youll also need to register with the Government Gateway if you havent already registered to access other government services online.

Youll use your Government Gateway user ID and password to access CTS Online.

Once youre registered with the Government Gateway, you will need to enrol to CTS Online from the CTS Online registration and enrolment page.

Did you know you can save your CTS online receipts on your computer instead of printing them off? For more information, see the Saving CTS Online receipts to your computer (PDF, 1.24MB, 10 pages) guide.

Help with CTS Online

We have videos on our YouTube account that help with the following:

Registering for the Government Gateway and Enrolling CTS Online as a Service

Enrolling for CTS Online when you already have a Government Gateway account

Logging into CTS Online

Recovering a forgotten password

Changing your Government Gateway personal information

To see the Welsh subtitles for these videos watch them on our YouTube channel. Dont forget, there is also help information on the right-hand side of each screen on CTS Online.

CTS Web Services

CTS Web Services is a BCMS system that allows compatible farm software packages to link straight through to the Cattle Tracing System via an internet connection. It allows you to report your cattle births, movements and deaths securely to BCMS through your farm software.

As with CTS Online, some of the information is validated by the system, helping to eliminate mistakes.

You can also request receipts for your transactions. To find out if your transactions have been successful in reaching CTS, you can enter your receipt number back into CTS Web Services. This will show if any mistakes have been made, so you can enter your information again.

Other features include:

  • a cattle on holding cross-check option, which allows you to automatically compare your holding register with the information CTS holds, to ensure there are no discrepancies
  • a get animal details option, which allows keepers and abattoirs to view full movement histories for up to 50 individual animals

To start using CTS Web services using approved farm software or to change your CTS Web Services password for your farm software, contact BCMS.

If you want to produce a product which uses CTS Web Service and youd like more information, email

CTS self-service phone line

The CTS self-service line (SSL) is an automated phone line for cattle keepers who dont have access to a computer.

The number is 0345 011 1212 (0345 011 1213 if you are a cattle keeper in Wales).

The line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When you register with BCMS, your CPH number and the telephone numbers(s) youll be calling from will be registered on the Cattle Tracing System. To change the number or add other numbers to call from, contact BCMS.

If your telephone number is withheld, the system wont recognise it unless you dial 1470 before the SSL number. If you have trouble dialling in from a mobile, your mobile provider should be able to tell you what settings to change so that the system can detect your number.

How to use the SSL

You can use the SSL for reporting:

  • births (press 1)
  • movements on (press 2)
  • movements off (press 3)
  • deaths of registered animals (press 4)
  • deaths of unregistered calves (press 5)

You dont need to wait for the menu to finish before pressing the option you need.

The most effective way to use the SSL is by using the telephone keypad to enter information.

Theres a limit of 50 transactions in one call. If you need to report more than this, hang up and re-dial.

At the end of each call youll be given a reference number, which you should note in case of queries. The information you have given will appear straight away on CTS Online.

Contact BCMS

British Cattle Movement Service

Curwen Road
Derwent Howe
CA14 2DD

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