Guidance: General licences and authorisations to import live animals or animal products

Animal Plant Health Agency

October 13
14:48 2021

Most imports of animals and animal products are covered by UK legislation. Find out if your import is covered on the Import information notes on the Animal and Plant Health Authority (APHA) website.

If theres no agreed UK legislation for the animals or animal products you want to import, you will need an import licence or authorisation.

There are general import licences and authorisations for:

You do not need to apply for one of these licences but you must follow its conditions.

If you cannot find a general licence or authorisation for what you want to import, you must apply for a licence.

Genetic material

Licences for semen, ova and embryos from:

  • livestock
  • canines
  • felines
  • rodents
  • lagomorphs (hares, rabbits and pikas)
  • equines

These are for products entering England from:

Licences for:

  • domestic and non-domestic livestock (cattle, pigs, sheep, goats)
  • poultry, birds and equidae (horses, ponies, donkeys)

These are for animals entering England from:

  • the Channel Islands
  • Northern Ireland
  • Isle of Man
  • non-EU countries

Captive or pet birds


Sheep and goats

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