Detailed guide: Export plants and plant products from Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Animal Plant Health Agency

January 19
14:30 2021

Export plants and plant products

When you export regulated plants and plant products from Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and Northern Ireland (NI) to other countries, youll need to:

  • check whether a phytosanitary certificate (PC) is required by contacting the plant health authority or a plant health inspector in the destination country
  • check if your plants require laboratory testing of samples to ensure they are free from pests and diseases or inspections during the growing season - contact your local plant health inspector to find out if your plants need these tests before exporting
  • apply for a PC from the relevant UK plant health authority before export

UK plant health authorities

The UK has 4 plant health authorities you can use to check if plants and plant products you intend to export need to be accompanied by a PC.


Contact your local APHA Plant Health and Seeds Inspector or contact the Centre for International Trade (CIT):

CIT Plants Headquarters
Foss House
Kings Pool
1-2 Peasholme Green

Telephone: 0300 1000 313 - select option 3 when calling



The relevant plant authority in Wales is the plants, seeds and biotechnology department. Contact your local APHA Plant Health and Seeds Inspector or contact the Centre for International Trade (CIT):

CIT Plants Headquarters
Foss House
Kings Pool
1-2 Peasholme Green

telephone: 0300 1000 313 - select option 3 when calling



Horticulture, Plant Health, Potatoes and Seeds - The Scottish Government. Contact the Scottish Governments Horticulture and Marketing Unit:

Telephone: 0131 244 8890


Northern Ireland

The plant authority in Northern Ireland is the Plant and Tree Health department in the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA). Contact the DAERA Plant Health Inspection Branch:

Telephone: 0300 200 7847


Apply for a phytosanitary certificate (PC)

You may need a PC to export to other countries if youre exporting:

  • plants, including fruit, vegetables and cut flowers
  • plant products
  • seeds
  • potatoes
  • bulbs
  • grain
  • machinery
  • wood and wood products

To get a PC, your plants must be inspected.

For England and Wales you can apply online through eDomero.You apply a different way to export plants from Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Register with eDomero

If youre exporting from England or Wales, you must register with eDomero and use it to apply for an export PC for plants and plant products with APHA.

The eDomero system will change to a new IT system in early 2021. You will be contacted to register for the new system when this happens.

Exporting wood or wood products

Register with the Forestry Commission as a professional operator if youre exporting wood or wood products from England and Wales.

Exporters in Scotland and Northern Ireland should refer to local guidance.

Other export requirements for plants and wood

If completing a paper based application, you can send the completed form to your local APHA Inspector. Use the head office address, if youre based in Wales.

Your goods may also be subject to other requirements. For further information, please read:

You may be able to use a PC as an alternative to CITES export documents for movements of some artificially propagated specimens from the EU to UK. Please email the APHA CITES team at for further information.


If youre moving plants from England, Wales or Scotland to Northern Ireland, you do not need to pay for them to be inspected and certified. Your certifier invoices the government for these costs as part of the Movement Assistance Scheme.

There are fees for plant health services delivered by APHA in England and Wales you must pay for.

The fees are 63.80, with a minimum fee of 127.60.

The fees are payable for each 15 minutes (or part thereof) spent in carrying out the inspection and any associated activities. Associated activities include the time it takes inspectors to travel to your site and any administration relevant to that inspection, subject to the minimum fees.

  • Issue of a PC fee is 25.52 per certificate.

  • Laboratory examination fee is 33.56 per sample tested.

  • Amendment of a certificate at the request of an exporter is 15.76.

An additional fee of 15.76 is charged if you submit an application for an export in paper form rather than online using eDomero.

Reduced fees

You can apply for a 50% discount (

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