Parole Board welcomes Victims Strategy

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September 14
14:59 2018

The Parole Board is pleased to see the publication of the Victims Strategy, a cross-government strategy focussed on ensuring victims receive the support they need throughout their experience of the criminal justice system.

Read the Victims Strategy, published on 10 September 2018.

The Victims Strategy will give Victim Liaison Officers new training to deliver support to victims, and improve information given to victims about the Victim Contact Service and Victim Personal Statements, which is very much welcomed by the Parole Board.

We look forward to working with colleagues across the Criminal Justice System to ensure we deliver the Victims Strategy. Indeed, we have already contributed to the publication of the Joint Agency Guide to the Victim Personal Statement.

We were also pleased to see plans to consult on a revised Victims Code to ensure it better reflects the needs and rights of victims, and the changing nature of crime.

Further information on the Parole Boards commitment to victims of crime

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