Nuclear industry showcases progress in decommissioning

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July 11
14:58 2018

Around 200 stakeholders learned of the progress being made in decommissioning and cleaning up the legacy left from the earliest days of the UKs civil nuclear industry.

The event, which also welcomed representatives from the communities around the NDAs 17 sites, featured innovative technology being developed by the nuclear supply chain.

Some of the remote and robotic technologies that have been put into action on the NDAs sites were showcased.

It was held at the South Gloucestershire College Berkeley Green Campus - formerly the Berkeley Centre and played a vital research role for the UK civil nuclear industry.

David Peattie, NDA CEO, spoke about the importance of the event:

Maintaining productive relationships with our stakeholders is a vital part of the NDAs work and the Stakeholder Summit is an extremely helpful way of explaining the progress were making in our decommissioning mission.

Hosting this annual event at the former Berkeley Centre, which has been converted from an operational nuclear site to a leading University Technical College, is a great example of the NDA delivering its mission.

The Stakeholder Summit aimed to encourage discussion about the NDAs work in delivering its mission focussing on progress in R&D, waste management, skills and socio-economic sustainability.

An exhibition was set up highlighting how the NDA and its business units work together, while workshops saw delegates learn more about the UKs decommissioning challenge.

The second day was devoted to discussing support for the socio-economic initiatives and the NDAs partnerships with its communities.

This year the Summit welcomed international guests from a number of local authorities in Europe with nuclear sites in their areas. They learned how the NDA interacts with its communities and its world-leading work in civil nuclear decommissioning.

Professor Melanie Brownridge, Head of Technology at the NDA, spoke at the event and said:

The Stakeholder Summit gives us an opportunity to communicate with people how R&D is helping us to deliver our mission and how the technology that were deploying on our sites is helping

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