Improving our guidance on variations in names

Advisory Committee On Novel Foods Processes

October 11
14:02 2018

The names in deeds sent to us for registration must match. We also expect that names in deeds sent for registration, match the names of the registered proprietors in the register and the identity panels of our application forms.

These simple checks will improve your applications processing time, by reducing delays that are caused when we seek further information. This requirement applies to all name variations, including spelling errors and the order of names. See our Variations in names flowchart.

When there is a variation in the name in the deeds you send us and the name in the register, we will update the register if you send us evidence to account for the variation.

The documents we will accept as evidence are:

  • birth certificate
  • passport
  • driving licence
  • marriage certificate
  • decree nisi
  • deed poll
  • statutory declaration
  • statement of truth

The conveyancer must either represent the registered proprietor or provide the proprietors signed authority to apply to update the register on their behalf.

Alternatively, conveyancers could provide a letter that tells us the following information:

  • the evidence held or that the conveyancer has seen
  • the correct name
  • confirmation that they have the authority to apply to update the registered proprietors name in the register on their behalf

When sending details of your authority to us, you can use the suggested wording below. This also accounts for changes to deeds sent for registration in respect of other errors, such as spelling mistakes that need to be corrected on behalf of the registered proprietor.

I/we [registered proprietor name] authorise [customer name] to:

  • make minor amendments to transaction documentation lodged for registration at HM Land Registry and initial those amendments on our behalf; and
  • apply to update the proprietorship register where a variation in name has been identified and appropriate evidence to account for the variation has been supplied.

If the address of the registered proprietor also needs to be updated in the register you can also include this wording in the authority.

I/we [registered proprietor name] authorise [customer name] to:

  • apply to update our address for service in the proprietorship register, where the current address is not correct.

Our Business Strategy explains how the review of our guidance and processes will make them simpler for everyone. This update provides greater clarity for you and our caseworkers. It also ensures that applications processed through existing and new services such as sign your mortgage deed, can be completed without delay.

You can make an application to change or correct a name using our e-con service, subject to some limitations. See

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