Accelerated Access Review launches online engagement

Accelerated Access Review

July 15
15:48 2015

Open to all, the website asks specific questions to help frame the discussion about achieving quicker access. But unlike a formal consultation, it is a dynamic engagement tool, and the content will grow as the conversation with stakeholders progresses. Additional issues for discussion will be added over the next few weeks as topics arise and the teams work continues to develop.

All comments will feed into the wide-ranging evidence base the Accelerated Access Review team are collecting and analysing to support the Reviews Chair, Sir Hugh Taylor, as he develops his thinking.

Sir Hugh Taylor explains:

The Accelerated Access Review has the potential to make far reaching recommendations to government about how we can speed up the access to new transformative medicines and medical technologies.

By listening to patients, the public and professionals, we will be able to gather an in-depth knowledge of how this could be achieved. Patients rightly want to be able to access the most up-to-date 21st century healthcare, and we are supporting the governments vision of ensuring that our health and care system is one of the best in the world.

The review will focus on 4 key areas:

  • identifying the need
  • development pathways
  • affordable funding models
  • uptake

All of these areas will be underpinned by patient and system user engagement.

The Review will set out new ways of working to develop medicines and medical technologies. It currently takes on average over 10 years and costs around 1 billion to get a new medicine from the lab to the patients.

The new digital platform is just one part of the work that is already underway for the review. There are ongoing meetings with key stakeholders and interactive workshops to support the evidence gathering process. The digital site will enhance this work, making it easier for people to add their voice.

The aim is to gather views on areas including the current regulation landscape, how we can make more use of fast track processes, how the NHS can adopt transformative new medicines, and what the financial landscape is like at the moment.

Once the review team have collected and analysed all of the evidence, Sir Hugh Taylor will report back to government with a range of clear recommendations by the end of the year.

You can submit your comments until 4 September 2015, when we will take stock of all the evidence and comments we have gathered online and through other stakeholder forums to inform Sir Hugh Taylors interim report. We plan to reopen discussion with new questions after the publication of the interim report.

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