Policy paper: Review of health and social care leadership: terms of reference

Department Of Health

November 23
10:00 2021


The government announced a review of leadership in health and social care, to be led by former Vice Chief of the Defence Staff General Sir Gordon Messenger and supported by Dame Linda Pollard, Chair of Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust.

The terms of reference outline the scope for the leadership review to consider what is needed to improve how health and social care is led and managed in England. The review will consider how to foster and replicate the best examples of leadership. It aims to reduce regional disparities in efficiency and health outcomes across the country.

The review will cover leadership and management in the NHS and social care and will include consideration of whether the findings of previous reports on leadership have been delivered and what their impact has been.

The review will report to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and will be followed by a delivery plan with clear timelines on implementing agreed recommendations.

Published 23 November 2021