Guidance: Visiting arrangements in care homes

Department Of Health

January 13
18:50 2022


This guidance is for directors of public health, care providers and others who will be involved in planning to enable visits to care homes. It sets out:

  • visits that should happen in all circumstances
  • safe visiting practices
  • when different visiting arrangements are needed
  • sources of information and support
Published 22 July 2020
Last updated 13 January 2022 +show all updates
  1. Updated to reflect new national guidance on removal of confirmatory PCR tests in the case of a positive lateral flow test. Updated the 'Care home outbreaks' section to reflect that the Omicron variant will be treated the same as the Alpha and Delta variants for the purposes of managing outbreaks.

  2. Updated to reflect resident LFD testing following visits out of the care home are required every second day for 10 days, and to add that nominated visitors should remain the same wherever possible.

  3. Updated to add new restrictions on care home visiting due to the new Omicron variant of COVID-19: reducing the number of visitors each care home resident can receive to 3 (not including essential care givers or preschool age children), requiring testing or self-isolation following visits out of the care home, and changing testing arrangements for staff and essential caregivers.

  4. Added a comma after 'emergency stay in hospital' in the 13th bullet point on the page.

  5. Updated to place more emphasis on fact visits should take place wherever is most comfortable for the resident, visiting restrictions due to an outbreak should only be in place for 7 to 8 days following negative testing, and that physical contact should be supported to help health and wellbeing. Advice around flu and other transmissible viruses has also been added, along with guidance on how care homes can support residents on visits outside of the care home.

  6. Removed reference to the guidance on the MCA and the application of Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  7. Updated 'Guidance on care home visiting' to reflect the change in guidance on 16 August that you no longer have to self-isolate after confirmed close contact with a positive case of COVID-19 if you are fully vaccinated or under 18. Temporarily removed 'Summary of COVID-19 guidance for visitors' while it is being updated.

  8. Clarification on PPE usage when caring for residents with learning disabilities.

  9. Updated to reflect that from 19 July, restrictions will be removed on the number of visitors care home residents can receive overall or on any one day.

  10. Updated the section 'In the event of an outbreak in the care home' to add the Delta variant as a variant of concern.

  11. Updated to reflect that: 1. Care home residents should isolate following a visit only where it includes an overnight stay in hospital, or is deemed high-risk following an individual risk assessment. 2. Residents no longer should isolate on admission into the care home from the community. 3. Every resident can nominate an essential care giver.

  12. Adding call-out box to press release, 'Care home residents can stay overnight as visiting restrictions ease.'

  13. Removed 'Visiting arrangements: one-page overview' (PDF and HTML versions).

  14. Updated Guidance on care home visiting and Summary of guidance for visitors to reflect that from 17 May care home residents will be able to nominate up to 5 visitors for regular visits into the home.

  15. Updated the summary of guidance for visitors to include changes to PPE advice.

  16. Corrected to reflect that named visitors should be tested using rapid LFTs on the day of every visit.

  17. Upda

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