Consultation outcome: The appointment and operation of the Patient Safety Commissioner

Department Of Health

January 6
15:18 2022

Detail of outcome

The government consulted on the appointment and operation of the Patient Safety Commissioner between June and August 2021, seeking views on a range of topics from terms of office to remuneration.

Each of these 9 proposals were supported by more than half of respondents (ranging from 59% to 91% in agreement). The government intends to proceed with these proposals.

Detail of feedback received

61 respondents, comprised of 34 organisations and 27 individuals, responded to this consultation. A full summary of responses received is included in the governments response.

Original consultation


This consultation seeks views and any comments from those who may be affected or have a particular interest in the set up and functions of the new Patient Safety Commissioner for England.

This consultation ran from

Consultation description

This consultation specifically seeks views on the proposed legislative details on the appointment and operation of the Commissioner. This consultation is not seeking to revisit policy decisions on the scope or core duties of the Commissioner, which are now enshrined in statute (Medicines and Medical Devices Act 2021).

The proposals on the appointment and operation of the Patient Safety Commissioner cover a range of topics, including the terms of office for the role, remuneration and funding and the establishment of an advisory panel to support the Commissioner.

We would like to hear from anyone with a particular interest in these proposals and/or the Patient Safety Commissioner.


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