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November 28
15:09 2019

Use the online service</br>Find supply teachers and agency workers.

Independent schools must have charitable status to use the online service.

Get more help with buying for schools if you need it.

Terms and conditions

By using the online service, you and your employees accept responsibility for:

  • keeping any information confidential
  • not sharing it wider than your school unless Crown Commercial Service (CCS) gives you written permission
  • only using the information for buying services under the CCS framework agreement for supply teachers and temporary staff
  • making sure the confidential information is stored securely
  • only allowing people using the service to buy under the framework have access to it
  • telling CCS if you suspect unauthorised access, copying, use or disclosure of the confidential information
  • not letting agents, sub-contractors, third parties or other non-employees have access to the confidential information

Decide what recruitment service you need

Recruit an individual worker

You can ask the agency to:

  • find you a specific worker
  • find you a nominated worker
  • manage the workers payroll
  • do the workers safer recruitment checks

The agency will usually charge you a mark up fee for individual workers.

Find an agency to handle all your recruiting

This is also called a managed service provider. This option may be useful to larger schools or multi-academy trusts who recruit staff often

A managed service provider will manage all aspects of your recruitment, including payroll and safer recruitment checks.

A managed service will usually charge you a mark up fee which will depend on how long you need the worker..

Hire nominated workers

This is when you or someone else finds the worker but an agency deals with their payroll and safer recruitment checks.

The agency will usually charge you a mark up fee for nominated workers.

Get consent from the worker to share their personal data with third parties like reference checking agencies.

Calculate mark up fees, fixed terms fees and temp-to-perm fees

Use the online service to find out:

  • whether youll need to pay a fee
  • how much youll pay to make a worker permanent , including the maximum youll be charged
  • whether you can avoid paying a fee

Create and download a shortlist of agencies

All the agencies listed will:

  • complete thorough checks on all their workers
  • have relevant accreditation
  • clearly show the mark-up they charge
  • give you the opportunity to avoid paying temp-to-perm fees
  • tell you theyre part of the deal
  • offer the terms they agreed as part of the deal first


Most agencies in the online service will charge you fees on top of the workers salary and salary costs.

Mark up fees

Agencies usually charge mark up fees if they:

  • find you an individual worker
  • manage all your recruitment for you as a managed service provider

Mark up fees are charged as:

  • as a percentage of
  • over the length of their contract

Mark up fees help agencies cover overheads, such as consultancy fees, and doing background checks.


The workers salary is 1,000 a month and you want them to work for you for 3 months. The agencys mark-up is 20%. The total cost to you will be 3,600 (3,000 salary cost and 600 mark up fee).

Temp-to-perms fees

Agencies will usually charge a fee if you offer a temporary worker a:

  • permanent job
  • fixed-term job
  • job where you pay the worker directly

Agencies in the deal have agreed to limit how much they charge.

You can use the online service to check different dates and find the cheapest day to make the worker permanent.

Agencies will not charge you if the worker has been in post for over 12 weeks and you give the agency 4 weeks notice.

Transfer fee

Agencies will usually charge a fee if you make a fixed term or contact worker permanent.

Safer recruitment checks

Get written notification from the agency that theyve completed the relevant checks for each worker.

Read Keeping children safe in education for your statutory responsibilities.

Agencies will check all staff you hire using the service, including

  • face-to-face interviews
  • identity checks
  • proof of address checks
  • right to work checks
  • professional registration and qualifications checks
  • 10 year employment history
  • 2 years personal and employment references checks
  • disclosure and barring service (DBS) checks including barred list information
  • overseas criminal record checks, where workers have lived or worked abroad for over 6 months
  • making sure the worker is not subject to any current General Teaching Council for England or Teaching Regulation Agency sanction or restriction, or been disqualified from working with children
  • Rehabilitation of Offenders Act declarations
  • fitness to work declarations

Additional checks

Ask the agency whether theyll do any additional checks youll need and how much theyll charge you

Complains and concerns

Talk to the agency first if youre unhappy with their service. Most complaints can be resolved in this way.

Email if:

  • the agency cannot resolve your complaint
  • you suspect an agency is breaching the terms of the deal


Ethics and code of conduct

Contact the agencys accreditation body if you think theyre in breach of the code of conduct or ethics.

Workers rights

If you think an agency is breaking the agency worker rights law you can get confidential advice and guidance from:

  • Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas) for all enquiries about agencies and agency workers
  • Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate email or call 020 7215 5000
  • SAFERJobs if you suspect fraud, malpractice, illegal activity or poor experience

Read Complain about pay and work rights to complain online.


The Department for Education and Crown Commercial Service will make sure all the agencies comply with the terms of the deal.

The agencies must be accredited by one of these bodies:

  • The Recruitment and Employment Confederation
  • The Association of Professional Staffing Companies
  • Standards in Recruitment

These bodies:

  • make sure the agencies have sound recruitment processes
  • audit them to make sure theyre complying with terms of the deal

Full contract details

You can find the full contract details of the deal on the CCS website. Email if you have any questions.

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