Complete the school census

Department For Education

February 13
10:35 2020

Software suppliers should read the technical specification and validation rules for submitting 2019 to 2020 school census data and the summary reports - technical specifications.

For queries about submitting your data, contact us using our data collections service request form.

  1. Census dates Find out when the school census will open for each term.
  2. Changes from previous school census Any changes to the information we ask for or how it should be provided since the last academic year.
  3. What you need to send us Lists the data items you need to send us in the autumn, spring and summer census by school type.
  4. Data items Guidance about every piece of information you need to send us in autumn, spring and summer.
  5. Generate and submit your return Information on accessing and using our data collection systems to send us your school census data.
  6. Check your data Information on validating your data, resolving errors and checking any funding reports that use your school census return.
  7. Find a school census code List of codes to use when completing your school census.
  8. Statutory requirement, data sharing and regulations The legislation, guidance and best practice to follow.

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